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3.1 - What practical directions do you think we should be taking locally to contribute to the RepRap community at large?

3.3 - Credit seems to be something brought up as it related to IP, but many of the open source designs maintain some kind of 'references' to prior work.

2.1 - Very good points. Almost no one has pointed out that life is perhaps the best at replication, and so large scale manufacturing at the molecular level is likely to be first achieved by harnessing biological species for some particular purpose. In some sense we've done this for years using yeasts and other microbes, but now often seek to create more diverse molecular compounds than ethanol.

2.2 - Avoidance of market purchases is one thing, but it's also pretty neat to own your own factory and be able to sell the goods it produces directly. Really, it's creating new markets in several ways, so perhaps the removal of the market isn't Bowyer's main driving force behind using this as the motto for his project.

2.3 - Having hobbyists drive the market helped develop into companies like Apple and Microsoft. Aside from that progression, others point to alternative functionalization of the robot as a possible means to spread interest in the technique: "It's not just a 3D printer anymore, it's also an ___!"