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revision D is current and supports not only golem printer.


I was newer happy with reprap style hotend mount. In my solution hotend is firmly mounted to the cart and greatly separated from accelerated mass forces of extruder. Thin engine mount arms are supposed to bend in worst case scenario.

I chose 8mm diameter pipe as an interface between hotend and cart. X cart is just a sheath of aluminum laser or hack saw cut to the shape. next stage will be bended with press fit F type glide bearings. The 8mm link is fixed with a single screw. You can remove extruder without touching the hot end and vice versa. The key part is alulink which is a simple "pipe with a brim" + mounting holes. Pictures come from golemC and B(different X cart, but same idea). Works fine from mid 2012. You can adapt this to any plastic cart just by making a simple aluminum (2mm i reckon) mounting adapter. It will also stiffen the cart and act as a heat sink ofcourse.

GolemCalulink.JPG GolemCmini yegahD s.JPG

Alulink on golemC Xcart ; same with yegahD exstruder mounted

GolemD100W.JPG GolemB bowden retrofit.jpeg

100W+ hotend ; ca. 6A@12V TIG tube style old hotend


link "pretends" to be 16mm j-head for back compatibility. A simple central screw in back and front is also an option

some more bugs fixed: File:YegahD relJ 01.scad

some bugs fixed :) File:YegahD rel beta i.scad

YegahD gm.JPG YegahD gm b.JPG YegahD.png YegahD double.png

- one block print

- lightweight - 3x 6x13x5 bearings (or smaller, customizable parametric model)

- designed for double mount

- milled bolt with groved idler provide ultra strong (10kg plus @ 1.75mm ABS) grip with little filament deformation

WARNING! still testing, feel free to join or wait a week or two for stable version

File:YegahD rel beta.scad Media:YegahD_rel_beta.stl.tar.gz Media:YegahDidlerNgears.tar.gz


you can print the idler but turned out of PA6 or POM should "last forever"

Yegah bolt golemstooth.png

yegah bolt (milled bolt) how to and simulator Media:Yegah_bolt_simulator_relA.scad


Cw yegahDbolt.png Ccw yegahDbolt.png

clockwise and counter clockwise bolt visual reference

Yegah AK 02.jpg Yegah AK 01 .jpg

yegahD extruder - 10mm diameter hotend mount version - print,assembly and photo by Andreas Känner -

see also derivative: