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Mondrian Documentation
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Crystal Clear action run.png

Release status: working

Mondrian2 7.jpg
Description a modular cartesian RepRap
License GPL
Author Emmanuel
Based-on FoldaRap
Categories RepRap, XY-head, Other
CAD Models GitHub
External Link Flattr, flickr, Thingiverse

Here is what I wanted to try among the possibilities to make a Foldable RepRap.

I didn't pursued the XY-head + telescopic Z because I couldn't get my head around how to do it properly at this moment.

But after having seen the Create it gave me some new ideas, for another concept after the FoldaRap :)



  • Printed Parts: 20-21
  • Non-Printed Parts: ?
  • Material Cost: ?
  • Cost: ?
  • Printing Size: length of choosen extrusion minus 50-100mm (=100^3 for 200mm ; 200^3 for 300mm ; 350^3 for 400mm ; etc.)
  • Resolution : XY = 0.0125 mm ; Z = 0,00025 mm with m5 rods
  • Accuracy : 0.1 mm
  • Speed: 50 - 500 mm/s (print-travel, max speed tested yet)

Special features

  • Modular/scalable design (with the same printed part you can build a small cube or a big plotter frame, just choose accordingly your length of extrusions/belt)
  • Based on standard/cheap 20x20mm aluminium extrusion (with 6mm slot)
  • The frame is the linear guide for X, Y, Z axis
  • Easy to build, with few tools
  • 1.75mm Direct Driven Bowden Extruders (dual-head)
  • small footprint : lenght of extrusion plus 40mm (240x240 for 200mm ; 340x340 for 300mm ; etc.)
  • Big Blue Power Switch

  • [to-do] scissor-lift Z (not on the intermediate iteration), for a "flat" printer that expand as it print

Naming Convention

  • Mx_xxx : Mondrian (non-foldable verion), version, size in X, Y, Z (in dm)
  • then you can build things like : M332, M333, M763, or even a huge M71010 (latest prototype of 700 x 1000 x 1000 mm)

FoldaRap2-M763 Lasercutter.jpgMondrian2 332 333 3310.jpg

To Do

  • dual-extrusion settings
  • x-addon for the chocolate extruder of LaurentF. from LabFab
  • mini-cnc addon [66]
  • foldable Z axis (long term)
  • bio-printing


Exemples of size scaling



Mondrian2 332 333 3310.jpg

From left to right (3310, 332, 333)


A huge Mondrian, using 70cm and 100cm profiles

External links, media/press, etc.

  1. Github mentioning an "awesome" project among others ^^

More inspiration

  • H-XY
  • Direct sliding on the aluminium frame