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Release status: concept

Description a k'nex repstrap variation
License GPL
Author Emmanuel
Based-on MiniMaker
Categories Development
CAD Models
External Link


Kinirap, a K'nex Repstrap

After discussing about the possibility to make a Lego RepStrap with a friend, I thought about the K'nex. Since April, I had the time to collect some inspiration bellow, but today I started to play with that :)

Good to know : the standard hole in the k'nex pieces fit m6 rod (that's also why I wanted to make a sort of huxley'k'nex)


First thought

This frame, used to support a white background to take photos, reminded me the mendel frame

I started by trying to reproduce the triangular shape

The cubic shape

The k'nex were not really practical to make a mendel-like structure. So I tried the other known approach : a cube.

More on flickr here

It's far from working (adding motor mount, etc). But it was fun to build and improve. And maybe can serve to introduce reprap to people and childrens (even if we know some who already love their 3d printer ^^)

Adding the central carriage


250 mm

350 mm

280 mm

Print volume (theoric)

X: 110 mm

Y: 110 mm

Z: 90 mm