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New RepRap on the Block

Posted by zomie 
New RepRap on the Block
November 18, 2011 11:22PM

I love how bloody simple the design is. It is very easy to upgrade the axis movement too. I think they may drive the huxley at least to extinction.

The only issue I have is I can't find the darn files to print one myself tongue sticking out smiley

Their website:
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 06:18AM
The original version of this post on their blog stated that they would release the STL files for the printer once the Kickstarter was successful. Hence my comment asking why not release the actual source files too? The response was this was a typo, but now it seems the original statement is completely gone - I hope this isn't them reneging on their original intention of releasing the files, which would be in poor form.

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Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 10:21AM
id say let them make some money first on their innovation. Very similar to how i imagine the 199 reprap looking.

good design though.

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Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 11:18AM
progomez Wrote:
> id say let them make some money first on their
> innovation. Very similar to how i imagine the 199
> reprap looking.
> good design though.

They should do what they said. Learning that they quietly removed the commitment to release source documents makes me hesitant to trust them. Still, it's early for these people. I say wait and see what they do.

I do like the simplicity of the design.
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 11:34AM
No business would start selling a brand new machine they don't know if work, and have no experience with. And if someone tries, the kit they sell will be terrible anyway. The designers are not likely to get any competition before the design starts to get popular, and then they should have released the sources already. Might as well release the source right away, and get free recommendations and publicity from the individuals who are eager to try out new designs. It doesn't matter how good the design is, keeping the source files for yourself is generally frowned upon, and gains only bad cred from the community.

It probably won't go very fast due to wobble on the x axis, but it sure is a cute little printer. I for one would like to print one for my niece, if they release sources in true RepRap spirit.

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Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 12:25PM
I don't believe they are doing anything nefarious - they probably either forgot to rewrite it or want to make it clearer in another post perhaps. I posted another comment asking them for clarification, but it's yet to appear.

I agree with progomez, they should definitely be allowed to make some money from this, and their offer for schools to get a kit at cost is really admirable. I was just a little confused about the text going missing - it makes my comment not make sense.

If anyone is interested in what the original post said, google helps out: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:bRDKDVqIZLgJ:printrbot.com/2011/11/09/printrbot-the-3d-printer-anyone-can-build/&hl=en&strip=1 I don't know how long the webcache lasts, so here's a copy of the text.


Printrbot could be your first 3D printer. If you have seen the Prusa Mendel, or the Makerbot printers, you may be intimidated by the complexity of these kits. I have built a Makerbot Cupcake and a Prusa Mendel, so I can tell you – they are rewarding, but hard to build and time consuming. I am good at building things and have all the right tools… my 3D printing friends are “makers” and “geeks”. Building a Prusa or Makerbot is pretty tough, even for us maker geeks. 3D printers won’t be in every school or home until a) they are cheaper to buy ASSEMBLED or b) they are easier to build in kit form. The Printrbot meets both requirements.
Inexpensive Assembled Printrbots and Printrbot Kits

The Printrbot design has broken new ground on the cost of building a 3D printer. The absolute cheapest, bare-bones Prusa Mendel can be self-sourced and built for around $350, but make no mistake, it is time consuming and will leave you wanting to make some upgrades. Makergear.com has a great Prusa kit for $825, but that is a little pricey for some and still an intimidating build. By buying parts in bulk, sourcing parts locally to avoid shipping fees, and leveraging a minimalist design, I can build Printrbots for under $300 for the cost of goods. I have actually broken the $200 barrier on another version called the Printrbot, jr., but more on that another time. Since there is a significant amount of labor involved in getting the kit ready, I need to mark the kits up a bit, but will still be able to offer the kits, for a limited time, at a great value: $499. We are doing a limited run of fully assembled & calibrated Printrbots for $750 (watch for the kickstarter). If all goes well, we will pass on any savings to consumers eager to get into the 3D printing world. The ultimate goal is to ship fully assembled printers for $499!

Because I believe that every school should have a 3D printer, I will be launching a campaign for schools: “Printrbot Goes to School”. For a limited time, any verified school will be able to get a Printrbot kit for $300! We are calling out local RepRappers and makers to help build and support these kits. It is our way of “printing it forward”, so to speak.

An All-In-One Kit that is Easy to Build

Printrbot Kits (soon to be on Kickstarter.com) come with fully assembled electronics and a fully assembled hotend — no soldering required. The part count is ridiculously low and the design is extremely simple. Admittedly, I am the designer, but I can put one together and have it printing in under two hours. I will post a video of the entire build process in the next couple of days to back up this claim. The whole philosophy of my Printrbot design was to simplify and shrink the size down to be a true desktop printer – accessible to the masses.

Purebred RepRap but with Options

Many emerging 3D printer designs have opted for laser-cut wood designs. While there are good reasons to go this route, the first Printrbot model will be a purebred reprap (reprap.org). That is to say that a Printrbot can print another Printrbot. You can self-source all the needed parts – or just order a “bare-bones” kit (sans printed parts) from us – to build another Printrbot with your first Printerbot. One of the reasons I designed the Printrbot was to speed the growth of 3D printers in the wild. My hope is that every Printrbot will at least print one “offspring” and GIFT those printed parts to another interested party. Even better, BUILD a complete Printrbot and give that fully assembled bot to a local school!

Printrbot is small and intended to be your FIRST printer. The print area is roughly 5″ x 5″ x 5″. It does make a few sacrifices to keep things simple, but it is designed to be upgradable and expandable. You can easily increase the build area to whatever size you want. You can mount it inside a box or frame for rigidity. The included hardware is “full-sized” and on par with the Prusa – the current high-resolution champ. While Printrbot could happily serve your 3D printing needs sitting on your desk in your office, right next to your computer, it could also be the seed that spawns a never-ending series of upgrades to a bigger and better 3D future. You’ve got options.

Future Designs and Fun

Our top priority is to get a simple, small, cheap, RepRap printer to market via Kickstarter.com. After this first phase runs it’s course, we will offer 2 or 3 other Printrbot models that are designed to handle manufacturing scale a bit better than our current Printrbot farm (yes, Printrbots are printing Printrbots). Specifically, we are working on a laser-cut / 3D printed hybrid design and a 100% metal design… crazy, I know. These new designs will dramatically reduce, or eliminate, the print time and, in turn, reduce the cost of assembled printers. The market for people who want a 3d printer, but will never build one is huge. I also have a design for the smallest 3D printer ever… the aforementioned Printrbot jr…. it will be more for novelty than utility, but will be perfect for that 3D “fix” when traveling. Imagine 3d printing in your car, your hotel room, or at a friend’s house without the bulk associated with the large printers that are currently out there. One thing is for sure, we are looking forward to 2012 – “the year of the 3D Printer” – and want Printrbot to be an important part of that future.

Final Notes

Keep watching this site for videos, FAQs, and more. Printrbots ARE in the wild, printing and undergoing testing as we speak. Two schools, one in Lincoln, CA and one in Berkeley, CA, will receive one soon. They are real – not vapor ware – and the design is nearing the “Gold Master” stage. We expect minor changes during the kick starter attempt, but will post and open source the original files and the STLs after the last kickstarter reward ships.

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. Brook@printrbot.com

Happy printing!

Obviously they are keen on open-sourcing: "but will post and open source the original files and the STLs after the last kickstarter reward ships".

I'm looking forward to printing it out and having a play with it.

garyhodgson.com/reprap | reprap.development-tracker.info | thingtracker.net
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 01:16PM
I wrote him about this and heard back:

Saturday Nov 19, 12:00am EST
I will actually be releasing the files open source before the project funding date. Frankly, I make little improvements to the design almost daily... I am very keen to put out quality design where everything just works. My real "market", if you will.... the people I really want to reach are the ones without a printer... the beginners!

Thanks for the encouraging words,

Friday Nov 18, 11:23pm EST
Hey as a reward you should send out the stl files so we can print our own.

I love and I mean absolutely love how simple your design is.

Keep up the amazing work,
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 01:18PM
i would guess this to make quite a bit. probably 500000 at least.
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 01:52PM
That's cool that you got clarification zomie!

The speed at which the kickstarter project has already almost reached it's target, plus how well the eMaker project went, just goes to show what kind of demand there is for this kind of thing. Very impressive. I hope a lot of schools take advantage of the discount.

garyhodgson.com/reprap | reprap.development-tracker.info | thingtracker.net
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 02:51PM
hell, i think id buy a kit if i hear good things about people getting one in a timely manner.
basically, i don't want to give money to another mendel-parts.c0m.
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 19, 2011 03:07PM
I JUST discovered that kickstarted project! Pretty cool. It's nice to see original designs popping up every now and then. I'm curious about the lack of framing creating performance issues, tho. Seems like that little guy isn't going to be moving very fast without creating unacceptable wobble. Maybe they'll upgrade to a bowden extruder later.

It looks small enough that they could redesign it to be collapsible. Now that would be a cool innovation. Until they release some detailed design files I can't mess with the design. Sometimes even open source doesn't move fast enough sad smiley
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 20, 2011 09:01AM
I also didn't think it had enough rigidity to scale to a bigger build volume as claimed without additional support. It also doesn't seem to be much cheaper to build than a Prusa since a lot of the expensive parts (electronics, motors and heated bed) are pretty much similar
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 20, 2011 10:43AM
I think its a nice addition to reprap printer type variety. Will have to wait and see how it works and if its rigid enough, but for the time being, right now at very least it looks very cool to me. So i very much like the originality of the design - very new and interesting approach. It seems a fresh clean slate is beneficial every now and then.
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 20, 2011 05:46PM
yes would be good if he shares his design as it is derived from some prusa stuff correct?

lookin forward to it. I also think it wont be able to expand in all directions because of wobbling unless there is more support added.

It is a good item to have for cheap in a classroom, but loosing a lot of platform space, but still great to have. It was my reason of getting the huxley originally, so it is portable. Lets see the feedback once February comes around.
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 20, 2011 08:15PM
Greetings, thought i would chime in here - I am Brook Drumm the designer of Printrbot.

Sorry for the ridiculously long post!!

First, let me say thanks to all you reprappers who have much more experience than me. I jumped in with both feet around November 2010 and really tried to immerse myself in the reprap culture. The whole story overview is on my blog - printrbot.com I began with the Prusa and had some ideas rolling and prototyped very quickly to try and simplify it a bit. As a side note, I still think the Prusa has great potential for simplification, but I think still will be the defacto among serious reprappers. What I am trying to say here is that I fully recognize that I deserve little credit for the reprap movement itself and will be constantly telling people about reprap and the community. Printrbot will be a fun vehicle to promote Reprap.org.

Secondly, I have tried very hard over the last couple months, and especially as everything has blown up over the last 3 days to respond to every single question anyone has asked. There are no dumb questions and I enjoy educating people about all of this. The volume is starting to reach a fever pitch though.... we estimated today that over 100,000 twitter users got a link to printrbot's kickstarter project today. I will do my best to continue to respond to all questions, but have started preparing FAQs and such to try and manage the information flow. Please be patient with me as I adjust to the traffic.

After I feel all questions are answered to the best of my ability, I may step back and let the community do what it does best - engage on the issues and solve problems. I really believe in this movement and am taking the role that I am finding myself in seriously - this role as a sort of ad-hoc spokesman for RepRap. My ears are open and I am a good listener. You will find I don't argue with people, I respect their opinions but don't have to agree.

OK - with all that out of the way.... I simply want to make a couple points.

First: I ABSOLUTELY will release the STLs very soon.

I have said all along that I will release the files at the end of the kickstarter - in my case, Dec. 17th. I have actually decided to release them earlier than that. Spacexula has been in touch with me and has encouraged me to release them sooner than later. I am fully aware that many believe that I should have released them even earlier. I understand this sentiment. However, there are further refinements I am looking forward to making before releasing them. When I do, I actually am hoping some of the devs will help me convert them to openscad. Believe it or not, I designed it all in sketchup. I have Solidworks 2011, but the learning curve has been difficult and I am a mac guy, so I kind of fell in love with the simplicity of sketchup. It has serious issues, I know, but that's what I used. So I hope the community will help there.

My kickstarter is going so well because of 2 things: 1) simplicity.... 2) price-point for the all-in-one kit

The Printrbot isn't targeted at existing RepRappers.... it is a "First Printer", Its simple.its an entry point. It just so happens that its pretty decent and compares pretty well in all areas except rigidity when the Z-axis is scaled up. In my experience with the prusa, I don't actually print many tall things. In fact, I hardly ever use the full print area of the 8 x 8 print area (which is closer to 7x 7). The printrbot is targeted at of a 90% of the work for 90% of the people.

The price point is something everyone will benefit from. We will bring assembled electronics to anyone at a never-before-seen price. THat's the idea and we see it as the biggest barrier to entry.

The hotend is also one of the things we needed to do locally to keep costs down. Carl Ubis is the designer, he is a newcomer with LOTS of experience in the electronics field (he ran an HP failure lab for years and years). He has done a great job testing and adjusting the design. The hotend will be fully assembled with thermistor attached. We feel assembling it ourselves will drop the barrier to entry for beginners and reduce customer support issues.... as well as reduce build time and documentation. BTW - we will get all the documentation up in time, of course.

there will be 3 designs for the printrbot... the one on kickstarter, a super small 100x100mm printbed sized Printrbot jr.... and an upgraded Printrbot... one thats 8x8 printbed size and one that is 12"x12" upgrade. If you haven't seen it, the Printrbot actually does scale extremely well. I will be demonstrating this a bit later... or maybe Spacexula will beat me to it, but everytime I talk about scaling up I ALWAYS state that bracing and rigidity WILL be an issue you will need to address at a certain point. I honestly don't know what point that will be, though. Since I don't want to increase my Z height, the design is perfect to add another Y-motor (the mount will be there waiting) and double the power on the Y axis..... since you will be moving more weight as you spread the width and length.... essentially longer rods and a larger wooden printbed.

My plan is to sell inexpensive kits to upgrade your printrbot... the only thing you may want is the heated printbed.... the rest you will easily be able to source yourself. Again, how we brace the Z remains to be seen.

My handle in here has always been abdrumm and I have stubbed out a printrbot page on the wiki... I am open to questions that are not covered in the FAQ but, like I said, I have a TON of email to get through smiling smiley

Happy printing everyone!!
Brook Drumm

Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 20, 2011 10:12PM
Does that mean y'all are redesigning the electronics too?
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 21, 2011 04:03AM
I love the idea, however I would highly recommend you offer the option for a full case for the unit.

Just the whole idea of a 200C+ nozzle/plastic and young children freaks me out.

If you added a case with a window (or fully transparent) then it would be far safer to have in a school or household with children.

My Reprap blog

Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 21, 2011 09:31PM
yeah that burn leaves a scar. I have a nice nozzle scar on my finger after foolishly trying to adjust the bed while the tip was hot at 220C. yep...
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 22, 2011 06:52AM
I think this is a great initiative. I like the less is more concept :p I wouldn't allow kids to play unsupervised with stuff that can get 200C in the first place.

PLA, ABS, PETG multiple colors (3 and 1.75 mm) €16,49 / kg
Megatronics 3.0 €79.99 / Minitronics €37,19
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 24, 2011 06:30PM
They'll only get burnt once, then they learn their lesson tongue sticking out smiley /joking

I'm very happy with your approach Brook, and I'm hoping to print and build a printrbot soon smiling smiley

Blog with RepRap Comic
Re: New RepRap on the Block
November 25, 2011 02:57PM
Nice work Brook. From recent updats on your site, it looks like you've hit a good balance of design and capability, and got the attention of a vast number of people ready and willing to dive into the RepRap world. You've just caught a big wave there! smiling smiley

Best of luck with it!

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