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How detailed can your Reprap print?

Posted by ahbtsang 
How detailed can your Reprap print?
December 09, 2011 08:03PM
Hi everyone, after seeing another post about print quality, I though I might start this one and possibly lead to a contest of How Detail can your Reprap print??

Here I have a 3D model that I created for a competition. It is from a Japanese animation called Gundam, maybe some of you have already heard of... Anyway, this model was created in 3Ds Max, has over 71k polygons, overhangs and fine details at some areas. I made this over a month time on and off and now I am happy to donate it hoping to push the limit of Reprap a step further and see some fine results!!

There ARE flaws in the 3D model, I'm sure, so if there are any problems, missing faces or single walled meshes, unattached parts etc, just let me know and I'll fix it asap.

Have fun! I would also be interested to see how well it prints from a SLS, UV Cure or ZCrop printers if anyone here has access to any of these machines. smiling smiley

[www.sendspace.com] << Link to the STL file of this model.

P.S. I haven't built my Reprap yet, but will start over the Christmas. Really can't wait! grinning smiley
BTW credits to Bandai for this wonderful robot design.


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Re: How detailed can your Reprap print?
December 09, 2011 09:03PM
Upload it to thingiverse instead of a sketchy download site, please.

Also, it will be a lot less hassle if you can break up the model into separate pieces. There is just a HUGE amount of support required to print as is, and it will be really hard to remove with a lot of the crevices in the model.

For best results, make each wing, arms, upper/lower torso, legs, head, base, feet (which aren't attached to anything) and guns separate parts. Make alignment holes for re-assembling them if you are particularly ambitious.

It will print as-is (probably), but it will print better (a LOT faster) in pieces. Reprap isn't that advanced, yet.

Re: How detailed can your Reprap print?
December 11, 2011 07:43AM
So make it similar to a model kit? Thats a lot of work I need to do.. haah.. Sure, I'll see what I can do with that!

I'm not sure if I upload to Thingiverse whether it will be taken down like what happened to the Warhammer model eye popping smiley
Re: How detailed can your Reprap print?
December 11, 2011 08:48AM
Wow, this model is way too complex.
Do you have a simpler model that can be printed smaller ? I don't want to spend too much filament and time for a print that will certainly fail badly.
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