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Marlin problem?

Posted by ahbtsang 
Marlin problem?
May 01, 2012 06:33PM
I updated to the latest marlin with the combination of the latest pronterface. I followed all the same settings from my older firmware, and did the extruder calibration, then when I got it to home all axis.. once the end stops are triggered, it doesn't do the slow down homing anymore, is this something wrong with my setting? or I forgot to put something on?

Also when I send a file to print, it managed to get up to the required temperature, but I had been getting the following messages (T:192.2 E:0 Wmoody smiley). When the target temp is met, nothing moved and then pronterface froze... any help would be appreciated.

T:192.2 E:0 Wmoody smiley
T:191.9 E:0 Wmoody smiley
T:191.8 E:0 Wmoody smiley
T:191.7 E:0 Wmoody smiley
T:192.1 E:0 Wmoody smiley
T:192.4 E:0 Wmoody smiley
T:192.9 E:0 Wmoody smiley

many thanks.
Re: Marlin problem?
May 02, 2012 09:00AM
I've been having some variation of the same M109 bug for months. I'm currently bribing someone to fix it.

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Re: Marlin problem?
May 02, 2012 09:34AM
What are your TEMP_RESIDENCY_TIME and TEMP_HYSTERESIS set for in Marlin?

When I first switched to marlin the same thing would happen. It would keep giving T:### E:0 W: (i dont know exactly what the numbers were but you get the point). It would just keep sending that and never print. Pronterface wouldnt let me do anything and Id have to kill the power.

When I changed these settings I could get it to print
#define TEMP_RESIDENCY_TIME 5 //Lowered the value so it wouldnt maintain initial temp for as long in order to print
#define TEMP_HYSTERESIS 12 // I increased the range the temp had to be in for the residency time so that once it was close it would run

My problem was the Hysteresis, a temp fluctuation would reset the residency time, and I could never get it steady enough to stay in a small range.

Might not be the proper fix but it worked for me and I havnt seen any issues yet.

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Re: Marlin problem?
May 02, 2012 11:38AM
This is different, unfortunately.

I've gone so far as to set the residency to .1s and hysteresis to 50deg.

The residency time counter never even triggers, just stays at ? forever.

Re: Marlin problem?
October 05, 2013 07:02AM
I seem to be having a similar problem, The print would not start.

After changing my seting to :
#define TEMP_WINDOW 20

It still did not start, How ever I noticed I could get the print to start by repetitively pausing the print.! All of a sudden the print would start.
but alas It would only get about 100mm of printing (seems to be random) before it stop's dead again.
I have no idea whats going on any Ideas ?
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