supply of plastic filament
August 01, 2012 04:31PM
Sorry if its been posted before but I could not find the results.
I am in the UK. I have heard ultimachine sells the best filament and as a new user its best to get it from them.
Can any one recommend any other suppliers preferably, for me, in the UK.
I did a quote on ultimachine and the shipping was 65 dollars for 3kg.
Re: supply of plastic filament
August 01, 2012 04:41PM
I use these people. They only do PLA but it's reasonably priced by the meter. Their delivery is very quick and they are very helpful and friendly. They also put little freebees in the box!

Using ABSPrusa Mendel Zaphod with Pronterface and slic3r 1.3.0. Printing well with 3mm PLA and ABS through 2 x J Head Mk IV b and Wade Geared Exruders. Controlled using RAMPS1.4 board running Marlin_v1.1.9
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