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Lead screw or threaded rod

Posted by scubi 
Lead screw or threaded rod
January 27, 2013 01:34PM
Hi , first thanks for an awesome forum.

I am busy getting the parts to build a Mendelmax 1.5 and would like to know if I have to get a specific threaded rod or can I use a Leadscrew rod.
When you finished building your printer , how does the software know how fast & how far the axis travels up and down. Do you input what type of Rod you use ?

I saw one guy that was using a Lead screw to move the extruder across and not smooth rod ?

Could please tell me if I can use the Lead screw and how will the software know what to do ?

Re: Lead screw or threaded rod
January 27, 2013 02:01PM
You can use a leadscrew for Z, you'll have to get XEnds that fit the captive nut. I have acme lead screws on mine, though I'm not sure it's worth the additional expense.
In the firmware you specify the number of stepper steps / mm which you would change to match whatever screw you use.

IMO lead screws for X and Y are not a good idea, you'll run into speed issues pretty quickly unless you use expensive multistart screws, and you would almost certainly need more powerful steppers.

My suggestion would be build your first printer with some known good configuration, then modify it. There are plenty of challenges for the first time builder without adding more, and once you have a working printer it's a lot easier to print parts for the modifications.
Re: Lead screw or threaded rod
January 27, 2013 02:04PM
I have a Mendelmax 1.5, I use leadscrews for the Z axis and belts for the X and Y axis.

The software knows (marlin), because you tell it how many steps it takes to move a certain unit of distance. You don't tell marlin what type of rod you have. Here is a calculator that I have used to help me when I got started: [calculator.josefprusa.cz]

Don't use a leadscrew or any type of screw to move the x axis, it will only make you slower with no accuracy benefits. Belt is the most cost effective way to go on this one. Maybe a really custom ball screw with bigger motors would do the trick, but it's not worth the money at this point.

My advise is to continue reading and then read some more, also look at a lot of pictures and videos. If you have any extra questions, you can also visit the reprap IRC: [reprap.org]
Re: Lead screw or threaded rod
January 27, 2013 02:38PM
Thank you guys, I think this is excellent advice . Build my first printer as the known configs, then change and add things. It's just as you read and watch more videos , you see the excellent printers the guys are building.
. Anyway , I stick to what is a none flop receipt Mendelmax 1.5
Really struggling to get some Peek in South Africa and if I can its really crazy in price.. Like everything in SA , it's all imported and crazy rate of exchange.
Thanks again.
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