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Choice of material for heat resistance

Posted by fma 
Choice of material for heat resistance
January 31, 2013 01:58AM

I plan to make a hotend mount as on attached picture (yellow part).

I tried a close design with ABS, but the heat was to important (I need to heat the hotend at 255°C for the ABS I use), and it started to melt.

I was wondering if Shapeways Alumide should be enough to resist? Or should I switch to Stainless Steel?

Thanks for advice.

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Re: Choice of material for heat resistance
January 31, 2013 09:53AM
is shapeways alumide bind by nylon? nylon bond become unstable and release toxic cyanide hydroxide at those temps mentioned in above post.

personally i think using a single metal and having it machined is best, but the printed/binded/infused stainless steel will handle the temps in theory, although i don't know how structurally sound it is, and i wonder what its thermal stress would be because it is infused with bronze. also i wonder if it is porous? i bet it will still need to be machined, and will leak throughout the part. sorry for the negative context, just trying to save misery. for the cost of the print, i would invest in a drill press, and some carbide bits, and then get a piece of stainless steel.

this is only my opinion. others may have better offerings....
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