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Wooden plans

Posted by chris33 
Wooden plans
February 01, 2013 05:50AM
I have seen a prusa menda i2 parts made out of solid wood I would love to get the plans and a tool itinerary sheet to make these im trying to make it cheap as possible as ill intend to replace wooden parts for plastic once built, cheers at moment im just getting tools ready for building at moment, I have a rotary tool and soldering iron. I have all the nuts and washers courtesy of work any help will be gladly noted ty.
Re: Wooden plans
February 01, 2013 11:07AM
Having built a wooden Mendel, by the time you get the wood pieces made out of half way decent wood, time and energy wise you're not saving much, if at all over the price of a plastic set.
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Re: Wooden plans
February 01, 2013 04:02PM
That's a beautiful printer though!
Re: Wooden plans
February 02, 2013 11:11AM
Agreed, looks awesome smiling smiley
Re: Wooden plans
February 02, 2013 11:42AM
Thanks, prints fairly well after alot of tweaks and some upgrades. 160x175x225 build area after Z extension.
Re: Wooden plans
February 02, 2013 11:15PM
Damn that is a nice printer

Re: Wooden plans
February 02, 2013 11:16PM
Your own adapted design or did you follow plans?
Re: Wooden plans
February 02, 2013 11:23PM
That is a beautiful printer. Well done. I would much rather have that then a similar printer made out of plastic.

I built a similar machine out of wood (not nearly as nice) and did some documentation afterwards that's available [geometricobjectdepositiontool.blogspot.ca]

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Re: Wooden plans
February 03, 2013 12:11AM
I based it on a Prusa Mendel model that is on GrabCad, [grabcad.com].

Downsized by 75% and re-dimensioned a bit with 3DS Max and modified components to be constructed from 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" red oak.

After getting it going, got rid of the T5 belts for GT2s, switched from RepRap aluminum Z-couplers to printed ones, got rid of the bottom Z threaded rod bearings, and extended the Z axis to 225mm.

Running a Wildseyed variation type hotend, and .25mm nozzle.
Re: Wooden plans
February 04, 2013 01:24AM
I have a printer made from MDF which I could show Chris33, but he doesn't seem to have come back to this thread confused smiley
Re: Wooden plans
February 04, 2013 03:24AM
thats a nice piece, smiling smiley, i want want .. i think Triffid_Hunter has done somthing similar only i think it's one his production printers,

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Re: Wooden plans
February 06, 2013 08:51PM
I must say that wooden mendal build is absolutely beautiful. What craftsmanship. I'm truly impressed.
Re: Wooden plans
February 06, 2013 09:44PM
Congrats on that wooden printer, it looks beautiful.
Re: Wooden plans
February 07, 2013 06:08AM
waitaki Wrote:
> I have a printer made from MDF which I could show
> Chris33, but he doesn't seem to have come back to
> this thread confused smiley

I work alot so only get time too get back to my thread when I can id like too see ty
Re: Wooden plans
February 08, 2013 05:23PM
Check out the video - not 100% MDF cos' I got some donated scrap plastic parts (the colored bits) and cleaned 'em up but they can all be made as Dirty Steve has shown.

The printer is dimensionally similar to the Prusa mendel so has the same build envelope (200,200,100). The difference is, this one is structurally extremely stable and robust so the A frames and base will be a permanent fixture. I will replace the Y carriage with ally' at some point though.

Here's a mechanical test I did to check the XY operation but you can see the framework ok. (The video seems to be stretched to widescreen- the printer is actually a little taller than it appears.)

Re: Wooden plans
February 08, 2013 08:48PM

I like your design! Really like your Y axis single idler pulley mod. I have had some warping with my 1/4" oak parts.

I also ran alot of pen plots to trouble shoot mechanical issues durring my build while waiting on bits and pieces.
Re: Wooden plans
February 12, 2013 05:34PM
I really like that setup is the any documentation on dimensions of the framework?
Re: Wooden plans
February 13, 2013 09:41PM
Not really, I actually made it up as I went along - trial and error. I could do some measuring and point you in the right direction I guess.
Re: Wooden plans
February 14, 2013 05:07PM
Yeah just the thickness of wood and dimensions of each outer and inner sides please, just try to get the plastic parts donated if possible, I really want build one not just too print but to build something which I can develope and adapt itto suit my needs, im eager to make switchin head system so 1 machine can print, mill, engrave and cut, I work with cnc machines and know work on a similiar x and y and z axis machines.

I Know this maybe irrelevant as I have been doing my research is there anyone used a rasberry pi too control the steppers through a windows program or is that neigh impossible
Re: Wooden plans
February 17, 2013 01:44AM
Chris, have a look at the attached pic. The sides and base are 18mm MDF. Also note the orange dashed lines - these represent an equalateral triange, (all 3 inside angles are 60 degrees). I recommend you mark out this triange first, as accurate as possible, then draw the frame around it. It will give you the general shape of it.
The orange dashed baseline is approx 40mm up from the bottom. The bolt position measurements are only shown as they tie up with the Prusa Mendel (roughly!) Bear in mind I had no drawings to make it and I just machined it as I went along.
open | download - terry pic.jpg (508.5 KB)
Re: Wooden plans
February 17, 2013 06:48AM
Thankyou very much cant wait now just a few tools to get before I start
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