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stepper motors

Posted by bruno martins 
stepper motors
March 11, 2009 08:02PM
hismiling smiley

My stepper motor don't move(XYZ, stepper motors from bits from bytes)...sad smiley well, sometimes they move... but when they do not move, seems to tremble.. i don't now how to make them worksad smiley can anyone give me a picture of the conection to the bord? I guess i was wrong on the conections...
Re: stepper motors
March 12, 2009 03:53AM
take a look here:


This is the correct wiring the other problem could be sending the pulses to quickly for the motor, but i don't know the Arduino code so some elese would need to comment on this.

Re: stepper motors
March 12, 2009 03:59AM
On the boards there is a small adjustable resistor that controls the amount of current fed to the steppers. If this is too low, they might not move.

Note the more current, the hotter the stepper driver chips get. I attached some pretty big heatsinks to mine.
(More notes on my blog)

The colours for several types of stepper motor are here:

which tells you the ABCD colours: and then the board connectors are here:

I also had a problem with the x-axis - it would run for a minute, and then would start 'trembling'. Putting a bigger heatsink and adjusting the current fixed it - it now works perfectly.
Re: stepper motors
March 12, 2009 11:02AM
If you're still having problems:

disconnect everything apart from a single stepper board with a single stepper plugged in.
Remove the stepper from any mechanics or disconnect the belt/chain drive.

Upload the arduino code from this page

and connect the wires as described to the arduino.

Make sure you can actually see if the motor is turning - attach a sticker or sellotape to the motor so you can see how it moves.

Turn it all on. The arduino will try and move the stepper immediately.

Apart from that, we'd need a bit more info.
Which stepper? Which version of the board? are any LEDs on/off?
Posting a couple or pictures of the board/connections has also sometimes helped diagnosis.

Good luck!

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