3D printer Furniture/Appliance
December 18, 2013 10:10AM
A discussion of enclosures for a 3D Printer got me thinking of the nature of 3D Printers in general.

To my mind a 3D Printer is much like a toaster but without the food theme. Its a new type of appliance that belongs on the counter top or out in the open as opposed to sitting in a box in the garage or down in the basement.

With that in mind I was thinking of where it could live in a persons home and I thought that built into one of those glass top coffee tables would actually be a good and interesting place for it.

It would make for interesting discussion, is facinating to watch, its out of the way and you can print your guests a spoon with their initials embossed on it while sipping tea.grinning smiley

The glass top can be removable for access/cleaning and some side access would be good as well for supplies, power, etc, for when the glass top is covered in magazines, tea and strumpets.

People may find themselves joining the family more often as they sit back on the couch and tune out the chick flicks on TV and design 3D models on the laptop/tablet for printing instead.

I'm wondering what other folks were thinking and where they keep/work with their printer?

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Re: 3D printer Furniture/Appliance
December 18, 2013 10:39AM
haha why not?!

a microwave might be a nice enclosure, one of the older ones which you could probably live inside (huge!) PING! oh, the bowl is finished printing... it may even print you some noodles.

or even an old projector TV.

oven? fridge?!

the possibilities are endless really, as long as you don't mind the whee-wheee-wheeeing of the stepper motors for hours on end. Or the smelly / "deadly" fumes created from printing ABS smiling bouncing smiley
Re: 3D printer Furniture/Appliance
December 20, 2013 04:07AM
There are probably more places where you could fit a printer.You got me to start thinking about it. And I'm sure more than me! About "deadly" fumes: I think there will eventually come usable material for printing that don't smell and are not harmful, wait and see.
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