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Cost of the Rep Rap machine


I'm a student from Rotterdam University(Hogeschool Rotterdan). We want to build a Reprap for a project. We must give an estimate of the cost involved before we can start building. Can anyone provide this information?

Re: Cost of the Rep Rap machine
October 13, 2009 04:18AM
This depends on how you plan to build one. Does your university have a 3d printer on which you can print all RP parts for free? That would take out most of the problems and costs. Whats left is 300-400€ in hardware and electronics as far as I understand.
You could look at the makerbot shop, there you can buy most of the electronics and an extruder.
Re: Cost of the Rep Rap machine
October 13, 2009 09:02AM
hi guys, i found a system that costs £750 complete... and that is for everything! check it out on www.bitsfrombytes.co.uk i got one around a week and a half ago now and im currently building it in my spare time. its sooo easy!
Re: Cost of the Rep Rap machine
October 18, 2009 03:35PM
Hi Mendel has recently been costed at £398, probably much cheaper if you shop around for parts. Unfortunately this includes only £20 for the replicated parts. This is about the cost of the ABS plastic to make them.

The sub-£400 price tag is very attractive but the number of new machines will be limited by the number of machines available to create the kits of replicated parts. :-(

If someone creates a lasercut version, as was done with the Darwin, this would be a significant help.

The problem may be reduced by finding replacements for some of the replicated parts.

It may be possible to get some components injection moulded. Perhaps by getting a few keen souls to pay in advance to secure the finance. Perhaps a simple component, multiple copies of which are needed in the Mendel.

We might create alternate instructions to replace some of the less critical parts with hand made parts. A kind of hybrid repstrap using fewer replicated parts.

If we can find alternatives for some of the replicated components we can increase the rate at which we can get kits out there.

Most of all perhaps, we'll have to each make sure we print of a kit as soon as we get ours running.

ps. How long does it take for a Mendel to produce a kit of Mendel parts ?
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