July 02, 2007 12:19AM
Ok, maybe this is just me with some quirky DNS screwup, but I'm not sure how that might have happened. When I go to [] it redirects me to [] which seems completely arbitrary and unrelated to me... If anyone could shed some light on this, or even just confirm that this isn't just me, I'd appreciate it. Much as I enjoy a site with "some seriously cool features like blogs, calendar, photos, and much more," I don't quite understand how it fits in with the whole RepRap thing...

Re: down?
July 02, 2007 04:33AM
No its the same for me as well.

Re: down?
July 02, 2007 05:41AM
Now it goes to a blank page.

Anonymous User
Re: down?
July 02, 2007 08:29AM
when i go to, i get a white page that says:

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.

Is that the page you are getting nophead? Is that what everyone else is getting?
Re: down?
July 02, 2007 08:59AM
Yes I get that from and a completely empty page at

Re: down?
July 02, 2007 09:55AM
Hmm, I'm getting those two pages now too. Sounds like something is wonky on Zach's server.
Re: down?
July 02, 2007 11:47AM
sorry, i made some changes... i'll fix it asap.
Re: down?
July 02, 2007 04:36PM
Zach is being unduly nice to me here ... *I* made some changes, which got us a working test twiki installation, and a few other security fixups, but apparently also broke MySQL/PHP intercommunication.

I had a look at it over my lunch break, but Zach has (or had?) a customized PHP setup, so it's better if he fixes/reconstructs that when he gets off work, instead of me causing more trouble!!!

With a slightly red face,

Re: down?
July 02, 2007 07:03PM
no worries... i simply uninstalled the php RPM i had stupidly installed. i have a make php script which i use to compile and install php. now that works well and we dont have to worry about any security updates accidentally nuking php.

on the plus side, we're now upgraded to php 5.2.3 =)
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