Best active cooling fans
March 23, 2015 09:06PM
Hey there reprappers!
I'm just starting my adventure in 3D printing with a bunch of different printers that my club owns. I'm working on setting up active cooling for all of them (we mostly print in PLA), and I'm looking for an appropriate fan to do the job. We've got printers that take 12V fans, as well as a few that take 24V fans. Do you guys have favorites for active cooling fans? Once I have a fan in mind, I can get to CADing a proper holder, as well as figuring out where to plug them in so that they respond to Gcode.

The printers I'm working on are: Leapfrog Creater XL, DeltaPrintr, and our Deltamaker.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!
Re: Best active cooling fans
March 24, 2015 03:35PM
Assuming "active cooling fans" means fans that cool the thing you're printing:
Plug them into D9 on the Arduino, if that's what you're using, and you can use some 40 or 50mm computer fans, or similarily sized centrifugal fans, then make some ducts out of paper. Yes, paper. you can mount them with stiff wire and tape, it will look like an arts & crafts project, it will work amazing, it will be lighter than anything you can print, it will be easier to design and modify than anything you can print.
Re: Best active cooling fans
March 24, 2015 05:22PM
Use a blower fan, instead of a computer fan. Blower fans are better at directing air at specific areas of the print.

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Re: Best active cooling fans
March 24, 2015 05:47PM
Very interesting! Thanks for your input. Do you have a particular fan in mind? Could you link it?
That tip about paper is interesting, I'll look into it. In the mean time, is there a preferred fan design that has the best airflow? I figure I could adapt it to any of my printers, but I don't want to re-invent the wheel.

One other question: you mentioned plugging the fans into the D9. Not all of my printers run off arduino, but I was wondering anyway, is that controlled by the firmware? The goal is to have a really good duct with a really good fan that's tied into gcode, so it can be controlled by the slicer, rather than by using a switch which I have to turn on myself.

Re: Best active cooling fans
March 24, 2015 09:07PM
Radial fan all the way!
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