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Core XY Printers your comments

Posted by scubi 
Core XY Printers your comments
May 15, 2015 06:41AM

Whats your opinion of the Core XY printers , are they difficult to setup and calibrate. Looks like the Core XY printer can give a better quality & speed print ?
Are there build help/ Manuals easy available etc.

Whats your thoughts.

Re: Core XY Printers your comments
May 15, 2015 07:33AM
i build mostly corexy printers myself, the main advantages are that you only need 4 stepper motors and only one of them is moving on a carriage unless you use a bowden setup,

there is a few schools of thought on belt configuration eg twist or not twist, but ultimatly the build quality isn't much different from a delta or a cartesian prusa I2 or I3 , like all printers it comes down to the tuning and how you run the machine as to what you get out of it

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Re: Core XY Printers your comments
May 15, 2015 07:59AM
I can see the potential advantages of the CoreXY configuration over Cartesian. However, unless you insist on using a non-Bowden extruder, I think Delta is even better. It has the same potential for higher print speeds as a CoreXY with Bowden extruder, but in addition the fixed bed has advantages. It doesn't need any levelling adjustments, just fit it and forget it. It makes it safer to use a mains powered heated bed - as I do on my large delta, because 12V or even 24V power is impractical for large heated beds. You can hide mains wiring and power supplies and/or electronics under the bed.

The delta does need more headroom, but I don't see this as being an important issue. I guess CoreXY does have one other small advantage over delta, which is that you can get by without a Z probe - whereas with a delta, calibration is a pain without a Z probe. I haven't built a CoreXY printer, so I'll be happy for others to point out any other advantages of CoreXY.

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Re: Core XY Printers your comments
May 15, 2015 03:28PM
The bed shape of a delta just isn't great for some requirements. It's much easier to make use of a square or rectangular bed, and if you are printing brackets and other functional components height isn't as important.

Also the build volume as a percentage of overall printer volume is much higher for a fixed or z-bed cartesian printer.
Re: Core XY Printers your comments
May 17, 2015 03:10AM
After my first i3 i have made my own corexy model and i could say i got good print with realy short calibration time (may be bad xp with my i3 and crappy print quality), but as build in wood box made more noise than my i3 but with a footprint of 40x40cm i got a print area of 20x20 (with power supply inside and 2 print head) just outside the 2 extruder motors and 1.75mm rolls . I don't cross the belt i use a 2 stage belt config.But you have to play with belt tension to get good streight lines, i'ts the only co ni could found, I have build my second corexy 2 week ago fo my brother to upgrade from his small and weak smartrap (with belt mod).
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