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Marlin adjustment problem

Posted by moustique56 
Marlin adjustment problem
May 23, 2015 04:21PM
Good evening everyone

I come to you because I meet a large configuration problem Marlin firmware catre 2560 Arduino + 1.4 ramp, I realized a home printer of the type Printrbot metal, the three XYZ axes operate normally the end of races too, but impossible to do Run the engine of the extruder, I tested the engine on another axis (Z) it works perfectly, I think has a pine selection problem or when a configuration problem in the configuration.h file Marlin j 'was still some KNOWLEDGE a programing but I can not find the solution

Thank you for helping me


Re: Marlin adjustment problem
May 23, 2015 10:15PM
I'm not certain that it is what you are talking about, but Marlin won't allow the extruder to run until the tip is above 170 degrees C . . . .

- Tim
Re: Marlin adjustment problem
May 24, 2015 03:26PM
Good evening tadawson
Thank you for your reply
Sorry to contradict you but the extruder is operating normally it rises to a temperature of 190 ° and when I push it flows manuelement the wire and out the nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm so the problem is still existing.
Many greetings
Sorry for my english translation google I of Belgium
Re: Marlin adjustment problem
May 24, 2015 05:14PM
Hi Moustique56,
If I understand correctly, your extruder doesn't work. You've swapped the motor with the Z axis, and the motor itself works. You think that the problem is in your Marlin configuration.

It would help if you attached your Configuration.h and Pins.h files to the topic.

1. Have you checked that you have the extruder stepper plugged into the right connection on the board?
2. Try moving the motor without filament. Does it move at all, or buzz?
3. How are you talking to the board? Repetier Host? Octoprint? Cura?
4. There should be a terminal mode in your program. It would help if you could post a few lines from that, showing your attempts to run the extruder.

Re: Marlin adjustment problem
May 27, 2015 02:50PM
Thank you to Frank and others that we tried to help me but I found the problem this week I made change in configuration.h line
#define FALSE INVERT_E0_DIR true by and finally the engine was turned and perfectly made
Again thank you all
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