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Infinity Rinse-Away Support Material

Posted by PDBeal 
Infinity Rinse-Away Support Material
May 25, 2016 12:50PM
Anyone had any experiences good or bad with the Infinity Rinse-Away Support Material? I kow they sell this stuff for the Cube and CubePro, but I was trying to find the filament size and temperature required to print. If the stuff works, it would be a really good reaason to upgrade my printer with a dual hotend for PLA and this stuff as a support material. I know the Strasys uPrint SE Plus that my company has uses support material along side ABS and it does make it simpler for printing the impossible, but the chemical bath required to disolve that support material requires a few chemical detergents and a hot bath of 70C for about 2 hours. I've seen the HIPS stuff thats disolvable in Limonene, but don't really fancy citrus smelling ABS parts. Rinsing PLA parts in hotwater would be much simpler if it really does work.

Anyone have any experiences good or bad, or know any other details with filament size and temperature range?
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