Distance in XY directions
October 07, 2016 11:58AM
I'm using slic3r to print with multiple extruders to print two parts with different materials which should be on a specific distance between each other. but I'm having a problem with determining the distance between the parts on slic3r. I just can drag them but i can't determine the distance digitally.
Can anyone tell me how to do this ?

Thank you
Re: Distance in XY directions
October 07, 2016 01:22PM
Design the parts together in your cad software where you can accurately set the distance. Load the first part into Slic3r, double click on that part in the object listing on the plater tab to open the object settings dialog. Then use the "Load part..." button to load the second part as a sub-part of the same object, which groups the two parts together and preserves the spacing set in the CAD. If you use Repetier host it's a little easier, you can load both parts and then assign them to the same group afterwards.

If you need a calibration object to check the nozzle distance settings in the firmware, there's one here: [www.thingiverse.com]

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Re: Distance in XY directions
October 10, 2016 07:18PM
Thank you JamesK
But i still have some questions please
1- how can i import the parts to slic3r separately if they were designed in one CAD file (like solidworks), if this is what you mean ?
2- when i design my part i set the origin point to be in a specific place while it is on the CAD model, but once i import the part to slic3r the origin point of the part on slic3r become the half of the total length of X and Y for the whole part.
so how can i set the origin point on the CAD to be on (0,0,0 ) when i add it to slic3r ?

Thanks so much
Re: Distance in XY directions
October 13, 2016 04:25AM
I'll jump in here if you don't mind.

I'm assuming that you've done this but I'll start here anyway. In Slic3r, if you go into "Printer Settings" then "General" you can define the number of extruders. Then, still in "Printer Settings" scroll down to each of the Extruders. You'll see something called "Extruder offset". For extruder 1, set the x and y to zero. Then for each of the other extruders, set the x and y offsets. i.e. the distance they are in x and y from extruder 1.

Once you've done that, multiple parts can then be placed on the platter in the same coordinates and Slic3r will sort out the rest for you.

To add multiple parts to the platter, add the first part, make sure it's selected then click "Object" (one of the top menu items). If "Object" is greyed out, the part isn't selected - just click on it. From the drop down list, select "Settings". You'll see a tree, starting with "Object", then the part you have just added. Click on that part to highlight it then you'll see "Part Settings" and "Extruder" where you can select the extruder you want to use. Once you have done that, click "Load part" and add you second part. This will then appear in the tree, under the first part you added. Click on this new part then set which extruder you want to use for that. Repeat for all other parts. Before you exit the screen, click through all of the parts and check that the correct extruder has been set for each of them. Then click "OK".Export the G-code in the normal way and you'll be good to go.

Be aware that if you have an extruder (nozzle) that is offset by (say) 20mm in x from the first, you won't be able to print any closer than 20mm from the left hand side of the bed using that nozzle. If I recall correctly, you also won't be able to print any closer than 20mm from the right hand side of the bed using nozzle 1. You won't get any warning and the way this manifests itself is that the object will be "truncated" in the x direction.
Re: Distance in XY directions
October 18, 2016 04:44PM
Thank you deckingman

it was helpful
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