Polysmooth without polysher V2
September 11, 2017 05:36PM

im very interested in the polysmooth/polysher system. From the mentions of the usual 3d printing youtube channels it seems to work well. However the pricetag for the polysher unit seems a bit high for my taste.

That got me thinking on how to replicate the function:

*The box can be recreated with a plastic box and one of the 3$ jewelry lazy susans from ali.
*The vaporization could be done with a normal spray bottle. 3-5 good sprays and maybe little fan for circulation in the box could work.
*One other option would be to use a steam inhaler. There are models for 20-50$ and they produce a constant mist and should work with the alcohol.
*The absolute low tech solution could just be dumping the model in the alcohol directly and varying the submersion time.

Anyway, has some one ever seen something do something like this on any blog or video? I would be very interested in any similar experiments.

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