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Heat bed

Posted by Falcondestroyer123 
Heat bed
January 19, 2018 03:00AM
What are the differences for the orange and black heat beds and which is better?
Re: Heat bed
January 19, 2018 04:27AM
Their colour. (or color, if your american where they dont care about u)

If they are labeled the same, they are the same
Re: Heat bed
January 19, 2018 04:36AM
Cannot resist : Orange is the new Black, anyway.

Most of my technical comments should be correct, but is THIS one ?
Anyway, as a rule of thumb, always double check what people write.
Re: Heat bed
January 19, 2018 04:43AM
You have 12v heated beds,

you have 12v/24v heated beds,

You have big beds and small beds,

You have aluminium backed beds,

all are about the same...

things to note
cheap red beds from china are generally low quality and tend to arrive warped (ie useless)
Bigger beds (or more wattage beds) take more current and can't be driven with a lot of the electrons out there directly. Requires external MOSFET and probably a bigger power supply.
12/24v beds do not heat up faster with on 24v settings than the 12v settings (same wattage in either setting)
Aluminium backed bed are impossible to solder leads onto, as they just suck all the solder heat away (needs really big soldering irons and heating of the bed while soldering) If you get one, make sure it has leads soldered on.
higher wattage = faster heatup.
3 mounts are better than 4 corner mounts. but depends what you machine can take,

what to get? you have to decide.

I like aluminium backed beds, as the alu spreads the heat evenly, but last lot I got they skimped on the material so the mount screws are right on the edge and you couldn't counter sink the screws.

You will still need a surface to print on... on top of it.
Re: Heat bed
January 20, 2018 02:36AM
I can't recommend any of these heaters for the 300x300mm bed size you are aiming for. If you are on a tight budget go for a smaller bed, like 254x254mm.
The black aluminum backed heaters are the best ( read: less bad ).
Re: Heat bed
January 20, 2018 10:08AM
Keenovo makes quality heaters. Put one of those rated for 0.4-0.5W /cm^2 on a piece of cast aluminum tooling plate with a thin layer of PEI, mount all that on 3 leveling screws, and you'll have very few problems with prints letting go of the bed before completion, and you'll be able to print edge to edge on the bed. You probably won't have to relevel the bed either, which means you probably won't need autoleveling.

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: [drmrehorst.blogspot.com]
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