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X axis struggling to hold - flinching intermittently

Posted by tbeaulieu 
X axis struggling to hold - flinching intermittently
March 23, 2018 11:09AM
Has anyone seen this before?

I started a big print and as it expanded the footprint of the first layer my fan/sensor mount snagged an office binder clip that's holding my glass down. I hate those things and will be implementing one of the solutions that eliminates them. Anyway, for that brief few seconds it struggled, but kept printing while I popped the binder off. A while later I noticed that the X motor isn't holding it's nuetral position well. You hear it "hiccup" and see it flinch periodically. For instance, while drawing a vertical line (Y) the extruder flicnches a number of times. It always comes back, clearly it's struggling to hold. I left it running because it's ok that this print has a bit of fuzziness.

Does Marlin adjust holding current as it prints, based on sensed current spikes on the 2130 board? What are the chances this will be "fixed" by cycling the printer? This has never happened before, so I have no reason to doubt my firmware's TMC2130 current settings.

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Re: X axis struggling to hold - flinching intermittently
March 24, 2018 04:37AM
Marlin only sends a digital value to the driver. Then the drivers internal current control routine takes over.
But Marlin could have a bug. The TMC-drivers are relatively new and the Marlin crew publishes FW-release candidates for us to debug.
Sometimes they publish a "stable" version, only to update it soon ( and again, and again ) I guess, you get the picture...
Re: X axis struggling to hold - flinching intermittently
March 24, 2018 05:09AM
Could the X driver be overheating?

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