Everything is scaled up!? and other issues..
May 01, 2011 06:10PM
My reprap is printing but everything is scaled up. So it thinks the dump point is at 80mm not 130mm, and a 30mm cube printed at 45mm? I think this is probably to do with the step rate but I'm not sure which setting to change. I'm using Gen 6 electronics.

The X and YAxisScale(steps/mm) are both @ 7.99735, and the ZAxisScale(steps/mm) @ 320.

Also, when I change an stl file to GCode, it doesn't start printing at the home point but somewhere random over to the right.

And lastly, the extruder heads back to the home point between each layer, printing a line there and back, is it supposed to do this and how do I stop it?

Can anyone help please?!

Re: Everything is scaled up!? and other issues..
May 02, 2011 11:04AM
Sounds like it is a firmware issue... I think you can re flash the firmware - files are on mendel-parts.com. Also any non standard part modifications to belts/gears?

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Re: Everything is scaled up!? and other issues..
May 02, 2011 03:11PM
No modifications.. I'll try reinstalling the firmware and see if that works.
I found this on the wiki, maybe I'll try this too:

'A good way to set this is to get the machine to build a long thin brick 100 mm long and a few mm deep and high. Then measure the object with accurate vernier calipers (giving length L, say) and change this value accordingly: XAxisScalenew = XAxisScaleold.L/100. '
Re: Everything is scaled up!? and other issues..
May 03, 2011 04:20AM
What software are you using to generate your g-code and to send it to the printer. If you're using the reprap host, then I think it goes to home at the beginning of each layer by default. The steps per mm setting for each axis is set on the firmware. How did you know what yours is set to? Did you load the firmware to the electronics yourself?

Does the printer go to the same point when you home the x and y axis? Perhaps you're positioning your part in a different place in the build platform each time.

There's no need to print a long part to test the printer if it's that far off. Just use a caliper or a ruler to measure the displacement in x and y after manually issuing a move command.
Re: Everything is scaled up!? and other issues..
May 05, 2011 05:01PM
If your using Gen6 electronics have read of my posts on this forum I explain how to update Gen6 and get the correct Z axis E steps Link

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