Well, that was an easy fix! smiling smiley
August 27, 2018 08:03AM
I've been having a bit of trouble with my 2 printers lately. I have an issue with my Prusa clone (being discussed in another thread) and prints on my CoreXY lift off the glass in the first few layers.

So I had a really good check of the CoreXY - print height, bed levelling, glass surface treatment and so on - and everything seemed to be spot on. As my Prusa wasn't behaving I thought I'd give the other one a good looking over - and spotted that the silicone cover over the E3D hot-end didn't really clear the nozzle, and that it was dragging on the newly-laid filament. The cover is there just to stop the excessively powerful cooling fans from chilling the hot-end's heater block, so I cut off the cone of the cover - and now the prints are just fine...

Guess who's (1) really happy that he's fixed it, and (2) annoyed that he didn't spot the problem sooner!

Now to work on the Prusa... sad smiley

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Re: Well, that was an easy fix! smiling smiley
August 27, 2018 02:33PM
I like the simple solutions. Sometimes we overthink the problem and troubleshooting goes down entirely the wrong rabbit hole.

MBot3D Printer
MakerBot clone Kit from Amazon
Added heated bed.

Leadscrew self-built printer (in progress)
Duet Wifi, Precision Piezo parts
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