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Z-axis issues ... maybe ?

Posted by Doug1 
Z-axis issues ... maybe ?
December 24, 2018 10:24PM
so it seems like my printer is putting down more plastic then the z axis thinks it is.. so after a layer or two what happens is that the printer head starts cutting though the plastic trying to print. so my question is this

1. z axis needs adjustment
2. i have crap media needs to be tossed in the trash

side note: also having a back pressure issues with the extruder motor its a 1.5 A im running at 1.3. this may lend itself to the crap media conclusion..
Re: Z-axis issues ... maybe ?
December 25, 2018 02:45AM
If you know the type of machine, extruder .... you are using a good start would be to ask in the relevant sub forum. A Z axis that "thinks" is quite unusual smiling smiley

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Re: Z-axis issues ... maybe ?
December 25, 2018 02:53AM
Have you calibrated the extruder steps/mm?

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Re: Z-axis issues ... maybe ?
December 25, 2018 05:47AM
This is often caused by the wrong extruder steps per mm/filament diameter and z distance from the bed after homing. You probably adjusted the z height for the correct look of the first layer. If it's over extruding, setting a higher z may print the first layer seemingly correctly, but the over extrusion will progressively add too much filament.
This isn't how you it should be. First calibrate the steps per mm, see if the print top part prints well, the adjust the z height accordingly. If the bed is very uneven or if the heating warps it, this may point to other problems.

Another way to adjust this is to reduce the flowrate during print in small steps, let it print 5 layers before adjusting again. Then incorporate the adjustment in the steps per mm value (firmware), extrusion factor or filament diameter setting(slicer).

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