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Posted by j999 
March 13, 2019 04:52PM
Polyjet printers are faster and more accurate than both FDM and SLA printing, I was wondering is anyone was working on a affordable desktop version of the product. Due to stratasys owning patents on the tech and little noise about polyjetting in the community id be surprised.

Im working on a simplified version, if anyone else has made any progress let me know!

Re: Polyjet
March 13, 2019 08:11PM
Show us what you've got! I'm very interested in the technology...
Re: Polyjet
March 18, 2019 03:56PM
Ya PLEASE share. Don't care about patents. Lets acquire & share better means of production.
Re: Polyjet
April 04, 2019 03:53PM
Any updates?
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