Auto Bed Leveling Average???
May 10, 2020 09:32PM
Hello all,
I modified my printer awhile ago with a bed leveling sensor. I originally planned on an inductive proximity sensor but due to the fact that i print primarily on a glass bed I changed gears to a capacitive prox sensor. Honestly it works pretty well but has repeatability issues more than I expected and enough to see results in my first layers after printing the same gcode after successive bed leveling tests

I am running Marlin 2.0. is it possible to have it probe each leveling point 2-3 times in a G29 command and average the results for generation of the bed mesh?

Thanks in advance!
Re: Auto Bed Leveling Average???
May 19, 2020 04:22PM
around line 1000 in config....h
* Multiple Probing
* You may get improved results by probing 2 or more times.
* With EXTRA_PROBING the more atypical reading(s) will be disregarded.
* A total of 2 does fast/slow probes with a weighted average.
* A total of 3 or more adds more slow probes, taking the average.
//#define EXTRA_PROBING 1
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