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Complete kit minus frame source

Posted by GITRDUN 
Complete kit minus frame source
May 25, 2020 07:46AM
I am building some smaller machines using Prusa I3 design that have a printed frame but i have one issue related to total cost. It seems to be cheaper to buy a complete machine kit than it is to buy all of the components separately minus a frame. If i add up cost of all components its around $200+ to buy seperately. Thats in the range and a little higher than of a cheap kit with frame. Does anyone sell a complete kit (motors, electronics, rods etc etc) minus frame?
Re: Complete kit minus frame source
May 25, 2020 08:57AM
This is what happens with most things... Individual parts cost more than the whole.

Sounds like your trying build an obsolete machine that uses m8 threadded rods for most of the frame...
Your a few years late for that sort of machine.

It may help if you linked to the machine your talking about...
Re: Complete kit minus frame source
May 25, 2020 01:19PM
Im building my own machines. The frames are printed as a single large print rather than bolting things together. Uses 80% of a 1KG roll to print the frame and no bolts and nuts necessary. It prints on a 300 x 300mm build plate. I wanted something smaller than the standard prusa sized machine made from common easy to source components. And i need multiple units. I have a couple ive started putting together using the printed parts and motors from a couple old clone prusa I3 machines i have. But i would like to build more. So far it looks like im better off just buying a low cost prusa style machine and taking the motors and electronics from it.
Re: Complete kit minus frame source
May 26, 2020 10:03AM
So you have the skill to make a print that uses 80% of a roll, but your ebay skills need a little polishing....maybe you will pay a little more(but I dont see why) but you will hopefully get better spec'd parts.
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