Making a 3d printer with an Arduino Nano 33 IoT?
August 24, 2021 03:12PM
To preface this, this is my first post on these forums, so I apologize if this is the wrong place to be posting this. I also apologize if any of my questions don't make sense, since I'm just barely dipping my toes into the subject of RepRap and 3d printers.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows whether it would be feasible to build a 3d printer using an Arduino Nano 33 IoT microcontroller as the primary controller ( for specs and other information). I would be aiming to potentially make a 3d printer as a final project for my college program and wanted to make sure it's even feasible. I've read some of the resources present on the forum, so I know that both Arduino Mega and Due boards can be used, but they both have a significantly greater amount of available IO pins (~70 vs ~23) than the Nano.

Would it even be feasible to use the Nano for such a project, or is it too limited for this kind of project?

My thanks in advance for any input, it's greatly appreciated.
Re: Making a 3d printer with an Arduino Nano 33 IoT?
August 26, 2021 07:58PM
For that board to be used on a 3D printer it'll need two things:

  • Firmware support (i.e. Marlin)
  • A compatible printer controller board (i.e. RAMPS)

Start with researching these two things to see if anything has been done before with that Arduino. If it hasn't, it may still be possible, but will require a lot of effort on your part.
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