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CTC Replicator rebuild

Posted by scottybfg 
CTC Replicator rebuild
July 11, 2022 10:21PM
So I was lucky enough to come across a CTC replicator clone on Facebook for free, yes free. At very least I thought I could strip it down for parts for another project. But when I got it home I though why not see if I could bring it back to life, after all I have just upgraded my kossel delta with Klipper and the results were fantastic. So the plan; get the thing printing and get a baseline print in the current condition. Upgrade firmware (thinking marlin) and really tune the machine with all the modern firmware features. Add a duel extruder as this machine is setup to run one (thinking the bonteck BMG X2). And any other small upgrade along the way (full enclosure, otoprint, leds, etc.)

First thing first, getting the thing to print. The person I picked it up from said it printed and had been upgraded to custom Marlin already. Booting the thing up I'm greeted with a thermistor error so there is that. Also all the files on the SD card are still .x3g format so I'm thinking its not running marlin but still the CTC firmware. The axis do move full range so nothing too bad there. Finlay, the extruder has been replaced with cheap Chinese one that is cable tied to the carriage, so ill need to make a bracket for the first few prints.

Ill add updates as I go, please feel free to add info or ideas, never had one of these replicator clones so will be a learning experience for me too.

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