Repko Raptor Printer Repair
November 14, 2022 02:36PM
Hi All,

I purchased a Repko Raptor printer in 2018.
It was working fine till a year ago when there was a clog in the hot-end and it caused some damage to the extrusion set.
I tried finding a replacement kit, but Repko LLC went dark and closed down and it turns out despite marketing their printer as a Creality CR-10, their extrusion parts are 24V while Creality stock parts are 12V.
So, I am not able to find compatible parts on the market. Therefore, I think I have two options. Either fix it myself by hardwiring a 24V fan and hot-end kit to the port on the control box and hope it works, or just throw out the printer and buy a new one.
Any Recommendations?

Re: Repko Raptor Printer Repair
November 14, 2022 06:18PM
Many creality printers are 24v including the cr10 v2

What exactly do the parts you looking for look like? Ie take pictures!
Re: Repko Raptor Printer Repair
November 15, 2022 01:37AM

Im looking for an extruder hot-end kit. The parts I'm looking for looks exactly like this:
Specifically, the connection to the control box is the same for my printer, the screw placements for the fan housing and hot-end is the same and fits for my printer. The only issue is the aforementioned 12V instead of the 24V my printer expects.
I have also attached a couple pictures of my printer for some context:

This is a picture of the printer:

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