Tall 3D printers under 5000$/€
December 02, 2022 04:32AM

i work in orthopedics and were using a Raise 3d pro 2+ which is fine, but now that we need an additional printer I dont want to buy a 5 year old machine for ~5000€.

The new Pro 3+ however costs 7700€ which is a bit above my budget.

I have looked far and wide for hobby level machines which are totally fine for what we print, but they usually go only up to 400-500mm in Z height, and we need a minimum of 600mm.

So Id like to ask the crowd intelligence: Have you found a normal fdm 3d printer for under 5000€ with a minimum build hight of 600mm?

Re: Tall 3D printers under 5000$/€
December 02, 2022 08:35AM
If you have any interest and access to some basic tools you could build your own printer to meet your own specs.

If you don't want such a big project, you could buy a machine that has adequate XY range, controller, etc., and then just extend the Z axis to whatever length you need.

As a point of reference, I built UMMD for about $1200 all-in, IRIC, but I shopped carefully including getting t-slot for the frame from a local scrap yard. It has 300 x 300 x 695 mm print envelope, heated enclosure (50C) to print ABS, coreXY, Duet3D controller, heated cast aluminum bed on kinematic mount lifted by two belts driven by a single, worm-gear dive-reduced NEMA-23 stepper. The bed does not move when the power to the Z motor is cut/lost, so theoretically, prints interrupted by power loss can be resumed. There is no autotramming- it's not needed. The bed doesn't go out of tram once you set it manually (two screws, 1 minute). See the link in my sig, below.

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: [drmrehorst.blogspot.com]
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