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Alum Pulleys

Posted by bajasam96 
Alum Pulleys
July 19, 2011 04:27PM
Anyone ever use these?

I like the idea, as the first thing I need to print once I'm up and running are replacement pulleys as the ones I got in my set are nearly garbage...
Re: Alum Pulleys
July 19, 2011 06:22PM
Using as much in plastic parts as possible is a goal for some, but metal gears go a long way towards great looking results.
Re: Alum Pulleys
July 19, 2011 06:44PM

I brougt a set from that ebay seller and WOW did it improve my prints.
No more oval holes, ended my backlash problem.

They look a bit ruff but work great, good upgrade


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Re: Alum Pulleys
July 20, 2011 12:34PM
Couldn't such pulleys be made using a standard 2.5D CNC Mill?

This way the parts still stay replicateable and cheap.
Prices aren't that big of a deal, but if you live in Europe you'd pay duties & extra shipping which makes this thing a whole less economic.
Re: Alum Pulleys
July 21, 2011 01:29AM
I bought a set for Mendel #2.
Took about 3 weeks to get here (Germany) but no problem.

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Wörth am Rhein, Germany
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Re: Alum Pulleys
July 23, 2011 07:42AM
I use them, they work great!

I'd still recommend filing a small flat (or drilling a little dent) where the set screw goes, as the screw is very short.

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Re: Alum Pulleys
July 24, 2011 10:28AM
I ordered a few of them for mendel #2. I'll post my findings here

PLA, ABS, PETG multiple colors (3 and 1.75 mm) €16,49 / kg
Megatronics 3.0 €79.99 / Minitronics €37,19
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