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Announcing 3D Print Development Tracker

Posted by garyhodgson 
Announcing 3D Print Development Tracker
August 19, 2011 11:30AM
Hi all,

I have recently been working on a little side project that I hope will benefit the 3D printing community. I've written it all up on a blog post and also wanted to make a small announcement here.

I've created a small web application in answer to a post I made a little while ago about keeping track of the fast-paced progress within the 3D printing world. It's basically a registry where developments can be submitted, linked and tracked. Developments could be an entire printer, a part, an improvement, a document or a technique, etc. I've already added a few things, but obviously the value comes when others use it too.

I decided to create an application from scratch, rather than using, say, the wiki, because I wanted something that reaches across all the projects and vendors, and also something that can connect with the multitude of online resources: wikis, blogs, forums, and also Github, Thingiverse and the RepRap Wiki.

The other benefit of a custom app (apart from being fun to develop) is that it can be directed by the community. I hope it will be useful and would love to hear some feedback as to how you might see the application be useful. It's only myself working on it at the moment so I may not be super-quick in implementing new features, but am open for hearing ideas and suggestions, and will strive to make it something worth using.

I hope others find it useful too. I'd appreciate if you'd take a look: http://reprap.development-tracker.info


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garyhodgson.com/reprap | reprap.development-tracker.info | thingtracker.net
Re: Announcing 3D Print Development Tracker
August 19, 2011 01:16PM
For a N00B like me that is awesome! 8)

I'm always concerned that I'm not building or researching to 'old' spec.

Well done, buy you a pint smileys with beer


Based in Slough, United Kingdom
Re: Announcing 3D Print Development Tracker
August 19, 2011 10:54PM
you rock Gary.

Re: Announcing 3D Print Development Tracker
August 20, 2011 01:16AM
Very cool! I hope that gains traction. It is difficult to keep up with the rapid development sometimes. I guess that's what you get when you have access to a rapid-prototyping machine smiling smiley


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