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[Adelaide] sourcing parts - printed parts wanted

Posted by jakjak444 
[Adelaide] sourcing parts - printed parts wanted
December 05, 2012 09:50PM
Hi Guys,

Im currently sourcing parts to build a reprap prusa, i am wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to print me some parts? im an Engineering student and dont have much money so if anyone can possibly do it for $50 that would be amazing.

Iv currently got ramps for my electronics and iv pulled apart a tonne of printers to get stepper motors and 8mm guide rods. J head hot end.



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Hi there!
I'd be glad to print the parts for you! I'm a mechanical engineering student as well and just launched my own 3D printing business. I've been working with them for the last 3 years @ my school.

If you send me a copy of the .stl files I can verify the price point, but I'm pretty confident I can get those printed right away for you @ </~ $50
Send me an email at: mort@3dwise.com and we can work something out.
Re: [Adelaide] sourcing parts - printed parts wanted
January 10, 2013 12:48AM
Hey Mortinus

Thanks for the offer, unfortunately i have already ordered some elsewhere

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