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Stepper Motor Driver Build Process Corrections

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Stepper Motor Driver Build Process Corrections
June 01, 2008 02:53PM
I have just finished assembling the Stepper Motor Drivers. I found a few minor errors in the build process instructions. In order they are:-

1/ LED1 doesn't fit flush to the PCB. There are a couple of flats on the LED leads that wont go through the PCB holes. The LED is the one from the Mouser parts list. A note in the instructions is needed.

2/ R3. It does not matter which way around it is fitted. In fact, in your photo, it is fitted the wrong way around!

3/ C2 and C8. The lead pitch of the capacitors does not match the PCB. It is not a problem because you can bend the leads. But a warning would be useful.

4/ X1,X2 and X3. The first time X1 and X2 are mentioned it should be X2 and X3, which are the 3pin headers. The second mention of X2 should be X1, the 4 pin connector. Also, I purchased the X1 from Mouser. It comes as a pin strip and needs cutting to length. This is not mentioned.

Thanks to everybody for an excellent set of instructions.
Re: Stepper Motor Driver Build Process Corrections
June 01, 2008 04:22PM
The flats on LED legs are designed to stop the LED going flat down onto the board. They can be easily damaged by soldering heat and mechanical stress so it is common to stand them off the PCB.

Re: Stepper Motor Driver Build Process Corrections
June 03, 2008 03:55PM
1. sorry about that. i've sourced a flat-less LED which should sit flush now. i believe the flats are designed to hold the LED in place with properly sized holes.

2. indeed. orientation is not extremely important, as a reverse simply means the adjustments are reversed (ie: ccw becomes either more or less current.)

3. yeah, i need to fix those on the next PCB.

4. will do.

thanks for the sharp eye. i've added notes to the wiki.
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