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laser mouse and datamatrix for linear encoder

Posted by travel 
laser mouse and datamatrix for linear encoder
June 28, 2008 08:34AM
i see on Internet the use of a optical mouse for a cheap scanner and download the specifications of the chip that control the mouse and the system for download the frame sucks. Only can read a pixel for frame.

but i see the new laser mouse and seek for the controller. the new chip form agilend can download the frame in burst mode 10 microsecond (min) for pixel of time of read. You can download a entire frame +2/3 of the next frame= 1536 pixel in 15-16 milliseconds
(page 19 of this two data sheet)

other modules form agilent

the laser is pulsed then the ccd see a froze snapshot with time shutter.
they have a 900 pixel ccd (30x30) and frame rates of 2000-5000hz and 2000 dpi resolution 1 m/s velocity

they don't are cheap now 40-70 euros but i think that next year the prices fall down.

I am thinking of use a printer(1200 dpi) for make a absolute/differential encoder whit data matrix [en.wikipedia.org]

differential 2d encoder
i have 30x30 pixel at least need 3 pixel for item in the data matrix for don't have aliasing from Nyquist theorem. then i have a 10x10 matrix. real you have to capture a random position with one matrix complete so 5x5.
this make 2000/3 666 dpi? 1200/3 400 dpi? can be interpolated form pixels to recover more information but 400-600 dpi in two axis can be a nice "gene" for Darwin.hard to know until download first frame to the pc.

one a A4 have 8.3

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Re: laser mouse and datamatrix for linear encoder
July 09, 2008 04:17AM
datamatrix laserscanner... sounds familiar.

check ANOTO and it's friends winking smiley
(i.e. flypen, logitech io
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