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SMC help

Posted by brucew 
SMC help
January 01, 2009 03:01PM
I have been working on changing to the new electronics.

Even though I am using the 1.1 version of the Arduino electronics stepper controller boards (they are new to me).

My steppers are only making noise but not moving. My steppers are the keling KL23H256-21-8B the spec sheets are located here


I have them wired green , blue ,brown, white and the red/yellow and orange black are wired together.

I have noticed that I am not getting the orange led's for the stepper status on any of the boards so I think I am going to check that next.

I have blown 2 l298 chips (I have a few spares)

My big question I have does anybody think my steppers are drawing to much current?? and if so is there a way to get my steppers to work or should I move on to ones that the RRRF sells KL23H51-24-08B the specs are here [www.kelinginc.net]?

I also had to keep my power at less then 70% on the older PIC electronics to get my printer to print or else my steppers would skip steps.
Re: SMC help
January 01, 2009 03:24PM
I am thinking I might have a short on with my diodes. I am only testing with no stepper attached and one of my boards the heat sink is getting hot even when the pot is adjusted to almost nothing. I am not running that board till I take a look at my soldering.

Re: SMC help
January 01, 2009 04:53PM
OK I answered my question. It was the diodes they were shorting with the ground plane.

I need to fire my soldering company.. Well no he is only 12 I just gave him a hug.. >grinning smiley<hot smiley

Later and Thanks


So checking for the orange on the LED's is a very good test..
Re: SMC help
January 01, 2009 05:04PM
Think about how i feel angry smiley but just to let everyone know i am very good at what i do you should see the work i put into the original stepper boards
-Nick Wattendorf
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