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What is best board for 3 or more extruders?

Posted by rsilvers 
What is best board for 3 or more extruders?
June 21, 2013 06:36PM
I am building an OB 1.4 and need to decide between an Elefu, Rumba, or Megatronics V2.

Seems like the Megatronics has the following issues:

1 - Hard to get in USA - Netherlands / international shipping (this is just my preference, and not an issue for everyone).
2 - Only has 3 thermistor inputs - so you cannot do three extruders and a heatbed. It does have 2 thermocouple inputs though.
3 - Does not have screw terminals.

The problem with Elefu is that it is a kit only as far as I can tell. Maybe that is ok - not sure. I can solder and stuff but if it does not work, I will wonder if I caused the problem.

What do you think of Rumba vs Elefu?

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Re: What is best board for 3 or more extruders?
June 23, 2013 01:36PM
I am currently designing and building my own dual extruder FFF and have been looking at electronics.

For me the Megatronics V2 has the ability to do 3 extruders, but as you pointed out it only has 3 thermistor inputs (not a huge problem for me for my initial design but I want to eventually look at adding a 3rd extruder). I wonder if you can use the thermocouples at the same time as all the thermistor inputs? Has an SD card reader on board.

The RUMBA has screw terminals for most of the high powered stuff including the steppers which I like as it means less messing about with crimp connectors. It also seems to have enough inputs for all the thermistors you would need for a triple extruder machine. 5V is supplied via a switch-mode DC-DC converter it seems as well, so no hot 7805. SD Card is via an add-on.

Elefu needs to be soldered, although as I read it the SMT is presolderd so only through hole need soldering. Everything is screw terminal which should ease wiring. Uses a PC power supply which are easy to come by. Uses a custom version of Marlin though and SD cards are an add-on. Has something about lighting? This board is hard to find information about as there seems to be no documentation (on their website on RepRap Wiki) that I can find at the moment (even the size of the board, which seems huge in the photos).

Currently I am leaning towards the RUMBA, although I do like the Elefu RA board its lack of documentation makes it hard to decide as I can find out if it will do all I want (what are all the screw terminals for, how and what is connected to them). The Megatronics looks great but again only 3 thermistor inputs when it is capable or running 3 extruders and 1 heated bed is a flaw, sure it can use thermocouples but is that as-well-as or instead-of the thermistors? Not to mention I would rather just stick with one type of temperature sensor saves hassle debugging.
Re: What is best board for 3 or more extruders?
June 23, 2013 02:22PM
I gave up and ordered a RAMBo and will do dual extruders. I want to use the new QU-BD X-Truder dual (is 12oz including two NEMA-14 motors). When someone has a 4-extruder board (and when Slic3r supports it), I will upgrade the electronics and do back-to-back dual extruders.

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