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RambO Mosfets

Posted by phinsil6 
RambO Mosfets
April 05, 2014 02:32PM

I am reverse engineering the RambO board and making it myself. But one thing that continues to confuse me is why there are two types of mosfets being used?? My only guess is to save space of save some cost? I am putting all of the mosfet control on a separate board and I'd like to buy and deal with only one mosfet if at all possible.

Any thoughts?

Re: RambO Mosfets
April 05, 2014 06:47PM
any ideas??
Re: RambO Mosfets
April 05, 2014 07:30PM
They used to use the same FET for all outputs with 1.0. Should be no problems doing that.

I think apart from cost, he changed it so he could fit 2 small FETs in place of a larger single FET, and add a third FAN output.

1.0 had 5 FETS (2 extruder, 1 HB, 2 FAN), whereas 1.1+ had 6. (2 extruder, 1HB, 3 FAN). The smaller FETs are quite suitable for driving something as low power as a fan.
Re: RambO Mosfets
April 05, 2014 08:00PM
ok thanks, good to know it was as i had guessed, just for space and a little cost.
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