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Where to get female board moun versions of molex 4-pin connector (typically used for HD power)

Posted by burning_chips 
I'm trying to build a few boards that I was hoping to power using right angle 4-pin molex connectors. For that I've found these:

I would really like to daisy-chain the power to these boards using 4-pin molex extension cables but for the life of me I can't find the female right-angle board mount version of these molex connectors. Does anybody know where to get them?


These are all male connectors. I need the female side, preferrably as right-angle parts.
Are you talking about these ones?

Romels33: Those aren't the same sort of connectors.

These are the same power connectors that were used on PATA (and earlier) hard drives, old 5.25" floppy drives, etc.

The connectors that burning_chips is talking about I have ONLY ever seen on the end of cables, and never for mounting direct on a PCB (right angle or otherwise).
Oh ok LOL... smiling smiley I completely misunderstood the question. My bad. Yeah, I agree. I have only seen those for use on the end of cables and wires and not for PCB mounting. But, I could be wrong. I learn something new everyday, so I would to see the PCB mounting version of them if they are available.
Maybe Molex has some thing you can use....

These are all male connectors. I need the female side, preferrably as right-angle parts.
I don't think that you'll find them for "safety" reasons. Much like suicide extension cords that have exposed blades that can be energized, you don't want a male connector to have power where it could easily come into contact with something conductive. You only want protected female connectors exposed. I realize that's not how you are intending on using it, but just the reasoning why it's hard to find.

I'd consider either making your own female-to-female extension cables while using the male molex connectors you can easily find, or consider alternate connection methods, such as header pins or terminal blocks like posted by romels33.
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