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MoBo 1.2 question and problems

Posted by Dangerdad 
MoBo 1.2 question and problems
March 22, 2010 10:34PM
I've built the 1.2 MoBo (the reprap configuration here: [reprap.org] ) and have one remaining question. The pins on the 3.3V voltage regulator appear to be clear, but the pin on the 100mF cap isn't so visible. It looks like the + leg of the cap is in the same hole as the leftmost pin of the voltage regulator (which makes sense to me as a smoothing cap) but I'm not completely sure. Can anyone confirm that's the configuration?

Also, the parts list on the 1.2 MoBo had significant problems. The straight break-off headers weren't listed, nor was the voltage regulator or 100mF cap, and several components weren't necessary for the reprap config, so I bought them but didn't know I didn't need them until the actual build.

I've learned now that I should simulate the build for the other electronics to make sure I actually use the components, but it was an really annoying lesson to learn.
Re: MoBo 1.2 question and problems
March 24, 2010 05:50PM
Think you are wright, but hereĀ“s a clearer picture of where you put thinks on the

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