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RADDS Analog Inputs

Posted by corry 
RADDS Analog Inputs
July 24, 2015 07:35PM
Would be easy to answer with the circuit board files.....

Anyhow, are the analog pins other than the single ADC pin on the radds used anywhere? Looking on the top and bottom of the board I'd say no, but I'm not sure if there are more than 2 layers on the board. I'm pretty sure I can just solder to the pins and be ok.

Reason: I'm probably going to switch to a thermocouple for temp readings on my e3d, so that from what I understand, will use one analog input. My printer is a custom job, and the Z Probe I'm designing uses a load cell with, you guessed it, an analog output. Now I need 2.

In addition: I'd like to know what, if any digital pins are available and not tied to the additional breakout board. If none, its not a big deal as I'll just add another controller with SPI or I2C to get the other functionality I'm looking to add. (things like a hardware emergency stop switch, programmable lights, and other fun toys smiling smiley

I have some other requests as well, but I'll keep this topic just to this point.
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