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A3977 3.3v board tuning / motor math

Posted by NoobMan 
A3977 3.3v board tuning / motor math
December 03, 2010 07:33AM
I do need some help here
about how to tune / set correct values for offtime and decay mode for different motors.

I have seen and read quite a few times all the posts of Mr. Nophead, but my monkey brain cant seem to put all individual bricks together to get the construction. What i would like is a noob proof way to determine correct values.

Basically getting the correct RC values and then setting pfd by "ear" like here [hydraraptor.blogspot.com]

I have seen a page for a3986 (different allegro chip) here [translate.google.ro]

This page also provides a xls for some motor math, here [www.c-n-c.cz] , although the purpose seems slightly different (i guess getting values for external fets), but still the xls looks just lovely and cute.

I would like to ask if anybody can help with converting that, or make another xls, with the purpose of using it for our a3977 chip for the 3.3v stepper driver board.

I also note datasheet [www.allegromicro.com] and application notes on a3977 [www.allegromicro.com] where can be seen some small discrepancies in values between them.

Ty all.

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