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amateurifying the PCB's

Posted by mimarob 
amateurifying the PCB's
January 05, 2008 05:10PM

I just fiddled around a little with the UCB 1.2.1 in kicad

Being a PCB-geek from an early age (11) I will try to make this board myself.

Only problem though, when you make your own boards, you end up without platings in the holes. This is normally not a problem since you can always solder the components on both sides. Same goes for vias. However certain components like IC-sockets and connectors tend to cover the component side with their plastic.

Ok, there are "canned vias" you can buy, but they tend to be made out of really cheap (not) materials like palladium :-(

I have attached a slightly modified UCB PCB 1.2.1 (universal.brd) as a suggestion on how to make this easier for home-brewers.

I have simply added an extra via at a spot outside the difficult component so it only has to be soldered on the solder side!!


I have not built this card yet, nor have I put it in the reprap or anything. I have also been sloppy with checking out exactly which components tracks needs modifying!

What do you think???
open | download - universal.brd (77.4 KB)
Re: amateurifying the PCB's
January 05, 2008 09:20PM
its a good start. i'd give it another couple rounds of tweaks though.

keep in mind that every red line that connects to a component is a component-side trace. you should try to minimize them as much as possible. i see 2-3 traces that could be made from component to copper side traces.

also, the more via's you have, the harder it will be... you'll need to manually create all the via's yourself. this is fairly easy, but time consuming (solder a trimmed component lead on both sides)

anyway, good luck with your quest. i'd personally recommend just getting the premade boards, but i do understand the DIY ethos as well.

Re: amateurifying the PCB's
January 07, 2008 12:28PM
Hmm, the vias aren't that consuming, you solder a bunch of vias just as fast as an IC with several legs.

I was thinking more in the line of turn-around times than in DIY ethics.

With the my suggested small alterations (or rather design suggestions), it would be easier to get the new boards out to people and thus shorten the time before the core team gets feedback on any new construction!
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