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Does teacup support i2c?

Posted by lalbe 
Does teacup support i2c?
February 07, 2018 10:34AM
Hi, I'm quite new with teacup, I was using marlin but I can see that teacup is more flexible and simpler at least for my application.

My printer is simple all I need is x and z motors, and there limit switches.

So I used Arduino nano

my question is can I use I2C to receive gcode and send the response messages instead of Serial ??

And since my application is simple, Does teacup support any type of controllers smaller than the Arduino?
Thanks in advance.
Re: Does teacup support i2c?
February 09, 2018 05:49AM
Teacup comes with I2C code for serving a display. So far nobody tried to wire this up for G-code communications.

One needs serial for uploading a firmware anyways, so it's a bit questionable what the point of using I2C is.

And controllers smaller than an Arduino Nano? Hard to find any. If you can find one, go ahead. Teacup is (exception: delay loop) all C code, so it's possible to compile it for any platform coming with a C compiler.

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