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"Porting" Teacup to LPC1114FBD48/323

Posted by Dohentai 
"Porting" Teacup to LPC1114FBD48/323
May 21, 2020 05:43PM
Hi everyone,

i'm currently working on making Teacup run on a LPC1114FBD48/323 with expanded memory and I/O.

So far, with a lot of spaghetti code, i was able to compile a working binary and test some Gcode.
Actually, i'm using a bread board and a CNC shield as test bench, when i'm more confident i will use my Hypercube to run more appropriate tests smileys with beer

Now i'm mashing my brain with Kicad to find a larger house for the little ARM processor.
Any suggestion on features?

I had good result interfacing with an ESP8266 (EPS3D smiling bouncing smiley ), maybe OctoPi will work aswell, but i didn't tried yet... anyway my idea is to be able to implement SPI and print with the combo SD+ESP3D.

Right now, i'm cleaning and arraging the source code and i will upload it as soon as possible on the github.

Why this project you may ask? Beacuse teacup firmware, in my opinion of course, is very understable and "SIMPLE", even a thinker like me is able to read C code.
I'm also a supporter for the KISS philosopy, i don't care much on "premium" or "exotic feature" in a 3D printer, i just wanna something simple, "cheap", affordable, understable and open source that work without all the marketing bells and whistles.

Any feedback is welcomed, thanks.
open | download - proto.jpg (58.2 KB)
open | download - Kicad Proto.png (45.4 KB)
Re: "Porting" Teacup to LPC1114FBD48/323
May 22, 2020 04:15AM
Nice goal, exactly what Teacup wants as well.

I just don't see why this needs new code. Teacup works on a LPC1114 for many years already.

If you want to upload to the original Teacup repo, drop me a line. I'll happily add you as collaborator.

Generation 7 Electronics Teacup Firmware RepRap DIY
Re: "Porting" Teacup to LPC1114FBD48/323
May 22, 2020 08:12AM
Hi dear Traumflug!

I didn't write"new code" YET, I started the SPI with no success, but now I'm more focused on the hardware side.
For now, the two extra port missing in the DIP version (PORT2&3) seems to work right and also the extra memory is adressed.
I've spent more time fidling with compilers issue than the code itself....

On the hardware side, I have a rough proto in kicad, the only SMD is the processor itself, everything else is PTH.
I'm planning to use 5 mosfet (BED, FAN0/1,H0/1), 3 thermistor input and 5 polulu style socket (dual extrusion or dual Z).
As interface, I'm skipping USB, just a socket for the ESP8266 or a FDI serial interface when needed.

I will happily upload the source code as soon as possible.
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