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PCB house recommendations

Posted by dslc 
PCB house recommendations
August 02, 2011 02:20PM
Apologies if this topic has been raised already - but a cursory search didn't yield much info.

I like the Generation 7 Electronics and am toying with the idea of going with it rather than e.g. Sanguinololu or RAMPS. Seeing as it consists of only through-hole components, I think I could manage the assembly myself.

So, if I decide to order the PCB rather than etch one, does anyone have recommendations for reasonably-priced PCB houses in Europe?

There is one Ireland, but for some reason they charge considerably extra for designs submitted in the Gerber format (rather than Eagle or some other one).

Or how much might these be going for if sold by members of the community (if it's ok to pose such questions here)?

david (Ireland)
Re: PCB house recommendations
August 02, 2011 03:19PM
I got some from a gent in Netherlands(I think) who was selling the RAMPS PCBs on ebay, The price was really good, considering.

Re: PCB house recommendations
August 03, 2011 02:27AM
With some luck I'm recognized as a member of this community, and I make such boards on a WolfStrap. All the boards currently on the wiki pages are made by me. Regarding prices I'll send you a PM.

Generation 7 Electronics Teacup Firmware RepRap DIY
Re: PCB house recommendations
August 05, 2011 02:25AM
Thanks for the info both of you.

@Traumflug: I trust you got my PM responses (second as well as first).
Re: PCB house recommendations
August 05, 2011 07:43AM

@Traumflug: I trust you got my PM responses (second as well as first).

Yes, both received and (now) both answered.

Generation 7 Electronics Teacup Firmware RepRap DIY
Re: PCB house recommendations
August 05, 2011 12:23PM
I have generation 7 PCB v1.2 available smiling smiley


PLA, ABS, PETG multiple colors (3 and 1.75 mm) €16,49 / kg
Megatronics 3.0 €79.99 / Minitronics €37,19
Re: PCB house recommendations
May 02, 2012 06:19PM
PCB assembly is offered in SMT, BGA, uBGA, Through hole and Surface mount at Finepitch.
Re: PCB house recommendations
February 28, 2013 11:56AM
Could one of you here help a novice understand how to get production for these boards? The RAMPS documentation has no gerber files, and I do not understand enough about it to ensure they are exported properly. Any help is appreciated.

Also has there been any solution to the <12V limitations on the BOM? I have bought RAMPS from 3 suppliers without problems running 24V so maybe they made a new BOM without updating the public documentation.
Re: PCB house recommendations
March 01, 2013 05:32AM
This is a general answer, not so much a specific one. In specific, you should get a board from Traumflug; he's the designer of Gen7 and as such it's best to support him directly where possible.

With that disclaimer out of the way, there are two PCB houses I can recommend, but they're not in Europe. They have the best prices for small batches I have ever heard of:
For 2 layers up to 10x10cm,

For anything over 10x10cm or with more than 2 layers, or more than 10 boards,

Be careful about shipping with quickturnpcb.co.kr, though. They tend to charge about $50 for shipping.
Re: PCB house recommendations
April 05, 2013 03:49AM
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