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Arduino CNC plotter

Posted by bhushan123 
Arduino CNC plotter
November 27, 2018 12:38AM
I have make the arduino plotter using A4988 driver but one stepper motor not work plz help
Re: Arduino CNC plotter
December 09, 2018 01:48AM
You have to provide much more information than this

what arduino plotter ? URL?

What is the controller your using?

What firmware?

What stepper motors?

how is it wired?

What have you tried? (swap motors? swap drivers?, changed firmware?, checked wiring?, checked stepper driver is getting power?)

I'm afraid my magic wand that just fixes thing remotely doesn't work anymore.

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Re: Arduino CNC plotter
December 23, 2018 04:03AM
"Thank's thats more little bit specific.and thank's for explaination.
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